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Established in 2004, the mission of the Ultimate Hall of Fame is to honor exceptional ultimate players and contributors who are worthy of recognition. The Ultimate Hall of Fame celebrates the history, honors excellence, promotes growth and preserves the legacy of ultimate and Spirit of the Game. Our vision is to celebrate and memorialize excellence in the sport of ultimate.

Although the Ultimate Hall of Fame remains a "virtual" hall for the time being, the long-range goal is to establish a permanent site. In the meantime, the inductees are currently honored with a plaque at the USA Ultimate headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colo. The formal induction ceremony and celebration, which is held every five years in conjunction with the ultimate players' alumni reunion, was last held in 2018 alongside the USA Ultimate National Championships in San Diego, Calif. The next formal induction ceremony will be held in 2023 at the National Championships (location TBD) and will be the 55th anniversary of the founding of the sport.

Players - Open Division   Players - Women's Division  
Name Class
David Barkan Class of 2010
Dave Blau Class of 2017
Frank Bono Class of 2008
Paul Brenner Class of 2018
Jon "JC" Cohn Class of 2005
Andy Crews Class of 2020
Jeff Cruickshank Class of 2017
Tom "Timba" D'Urso Class of 2006
Bob DeMan Class of 2018
Kenneth Dobyns Class of 2011
Stu Downs Class of 2016
Steve Dugan Class of 2017
Harvey Edwards Class of 2007
David "Buzz" Ellsworth Class of 2017
Robert Evans Class of 2009
Rich "Gags" Gallagher Class of 2015
Joey Giampino Class of 2013
Michael Glass Class of 2010
Mike Grant Class of 2020
Paul Greff Class of 2016
Tom Heimann Class of 2011
Ian Hue Class of 2018
Greg Husak Class of 2018
Jim Herrick Class of 2005
Jim Ingebritsen Class of 2013
Irv Kalb Class of 2004
Tom "TK" Kennedy Class of 2004
Skip Kuhn Class of 2015
Pat King Class of 2009
Pat "Bagger" Lee Class of 2016
Bob Lobel Class of 2020
Andrew Lugsdin Class of 2016
Cliff Marhoefer Class of 2011
Steve Mooney Class of 2006
Brian "Biscuit" Morris Class of 2018
Keay Nakae Class of 2012
Allan "Al Bob" Nichols Class of 2018
Mike O'Dowd Class of 2011
Jim Parinella Class of 2014
Randy Ricks Class of 2016
Dan "Stork" Roddick Class of 2004
Billy Rodriguez Class of 2015
Larry Schindel Class of 2004
John Schmechel Class of 2008
Damien Scott Class of 2020
Jeremy Seeger Class of 2010
Bob "Bert" Sick Class of 2015
Christopher Van Holmes Class of 2013
Walter VanderSchraaf Class of 2019
Dennis Warsen Class of 2012
Dan Weiss Class of 2007
Name Class
Nicole "Sprout" Beck Class of 2016
Allison Boyd Class of 2019
Leslie Calder Class of 2017
VY Chow Class of 2020
Jody Dozono Class of 2020
Christine Dunlap Class of 2007
Lori Parham Ewald Class of 2019
Suzanne Fields Class of 2004
Dominique Fontenette Class of 2018
Nancy Leahy Glass Class of 2012
Molly Goodwin Class of 2012
Kelly Green Class of 2005
Peggy Hollinger Class of 2010
Pam Kraus Class of 2017
Angela Lin Class of 2018
Caryn Lucido Class of 2017
Liz Marino Class of 2014
Tina McDowell Class of 2018
Joanie Merrill Class of 2018
Christine O'Cleary Class of 2013
Ann (Cohan) Orders Class of 2006
Gloria Lust-Phillips Class of 2008
Michele Pezzoli Class of 2018
Jackie Watson Pierce Class of 2016
Wende (Coates) Pinz Class of 2011
Cat Pittack Class of 2016
Heather Morris Raker Class of 2006
Deb (Cussen) Scheibe Class of 2019
Lori Van Holmes Class of 2015
Christine "Wags" Wagner Class of 2016
Amy Wilbur Class of 2016
Vivian Zayas Class of 2020




Name Class
Michael Baccarini Class of 2018
Tiina Booth Class of 2016
Andy Borinstein Class of 2009
Brian Dobyns Class of 2019
Cindy Fisher Class of 2016
Carney Foy Class of 2008
Mark Licata Class of 2017
Mary Lowry Class of 2017
Brian Murphy Class of 2007
Kathy Pufahl Class of 2005
Robert "Nob" Rauch Class of 2006
Sholom "Eric" Simon Class of 2005


    Special Merit  
Name Class
The "80 Mold" Class of 2004
The "Discraft Ultra-Star" Class of 2011
The "Founders" Class of 2005
The "Johnny Appleseeds" Class of 2014



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Suzanne Fields   Irv Kalb     Tom "TK" Kennedy   Dan "Stork" Roddick    Larry Schindel     The "80 Mold"
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 Jon "JC" Cohn   Kelly Green    Jim Herrick     Kathy Pufahl   Sholom "Eric" Simon    The "Founders" 
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Tom "Timba" D'Urso   Steve Mooney   Ann (Cohan) Orders   Heather Morris Raker   Robert "Nob" Rauch    
undefined   undefined     undefined    undefined        
Christine Dunlap    Harvey Edwards    Brian Murphy    Dan Weiss         
undefined    undefined    undefined   undefined         
Frank Bono   Carney Foy   Gloria Lust-Phillips   John Schmechel        
undefined   undefined     undefined            
 Andy Borinstein   Robert Evans    Pat King             
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David Barkan   Michael Glass     Peggy Hollinger    Jeremy Seeger        
undefined    undefined   undefined     undefined    undefined    undefined
Kenneth Dobyns   Tom Heimann    Cliff Marhoefer    Mike O'Dowd   Wende (Coates) Pinz   The "Discraft Ultra-Star"
undefined    undefined   undefined     undefined        
Nancy Leahy Glass   Molly Goodwin   Keay Nakae   Dennis Warsen        
HallofFameCards JoeyGiampino rev    undefined   undefined     undefined        
Joey Giampino   Jim Ingebritsen    Christine O'Cleary   Christopher Van Holmes         
HallofFameCards LizMarino   HallofFameCards JimParinella                
Liz Marino   Jim Parinella                
 HallofFameCards RichardGallagher    HallofFameCards SkipKuhn   HallofFameCards BillyRodriguez     HallofFameCards BobSick   HallofFameCards LoriVanHolmes     
Rich "Gags" Gallagher   Skip Kuhn   Billy Rodriguez   Bob "Bert" Sick   Lori Van Holmes    
HOF 2016 BECK Nicole     HOF 2016 BOOTH Tiina   HOF 2016 DOWNS Stu     HOF 2016 CINDY FISHER FINAL   HOF 2016 GREFF Paul    HOF 2016 LEE Pat 
Nicole "Sprout" Beck   Tiina Booth   Stu Downs   Cindy Fisher   Paul Greff   Pat "Bagger" Lee 
 HOF 2016 LUGSDIN Andrew   HOF 2016 PIERCE Jackie FINAL     HOF 2016 PITTACK Cat   HOF 2016 RICK Randy    HOF 2016 WAGNER Christine    HOF 2016 Wilbur AMY 
Andrew Lugsdin   Jackie Watson Pierce   Cat Pittack    Randy Ricks   Christine "Wags" Wagner    Amy Wilbur
 HOF 2017 BLAU Dave    HOF 2017 CALDER Leslie    HOF 2017 CRUICKSHANK Jeff    HOF Playing Card 2017 DUGAN Steve (Cribber version)   HOF 2017 ELLSWORTH David    HOF 2017 KRAUS Pam 
Dave Blau   Leslie Calder   Jeff Cruickshank   Steve Dugan   David "Buzz" Ellsworth    Pam Kraus
HOF 2017 LICATA Mark    HOF 2017 LOWRY Mary    HOF 2017 LUCIDO Caryn             
Mark Licata   Mary Lowry   Caryn Lucido            
HOF 2018 BACCARINI Michael     HOF 2018 BRENNER Paul   HOF 2018 DEMAN Bob     HOF 2018 FONTENETTE Dom FINAL   HOF 2018 HUE Ian    HOF 2018 HUSAK Greg 
Michael Baccarini   Paul Brenner   Bob DeMan   Dominique Fontenette    Ian Hue   Greg Husak
 HOF 2018 LIN Angela    HOF 2018 MCDOWELL Tina    HOF 2018 MERRILL Joanie    HOF 2018 MORRIS Brian    HOF 2018 NICHOLS Allan   HOF 2018 PEZZOLI Michele 
Angela Lin   Tina McDowell   Joanie Merrill   Brian "Biscuit" Morris   Allan "Al Bob" Nichols    Michele Pezzoli 



Selection Process

To be inducted into the Ultimate Hall of Fame, potential candidates must complete these steps. The first stage involves "peer voting," where nominees/candidates are reviewed and ranked by a group of players and contributors from their own playing era. The second stage involves winnowing the field down to a slate of candidates through a review of the peer voting results and of written applications solicited by the Ultimate Hall of Fame Vetting Committee, with up to eight candidates from each player division selected. The final slate of candidates is announced to the ultimate community with a public request for comment in the Call to the Community. The final stage involves two rounds of voting for up to eight inductees by the full voting committee, comprised of eligible Player and Contributor members of the Ultimate Hall of Fame and the Vetting Committee. An inductee must receive an affirmative vote of at least two-thirds majority (66%) from the voters to be selected and thereafter be inducted into the Ultimate Hall of Fame.


To nominate a player or contributor for the Ultimate Hall of Fame or as a member of the Peer Pools:


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