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USA Ultimate is proud to annouce that in upcoming months it is tapping into its previously unavailable newsletters and magazines archives for online viewing.

The magazine began in 1980 as the UPA Newsletter, and has gone through a number of dedicated editors, various designs, and a few name changes over the years.  In the fall of 2010, USA Ultimate posted an online version of the Fall 2010 magazine as a trial run to gauge interest in an electronic version of the magazine.  In time, the 140+ back issues will be posted online in a searchable format for former and current players to enjoy.  




Here are the past five archive issues that have been made available:

MagIcon 1983 01   MagIcon 2002 04   MagIcon 2001 01   MagIcon 2000 03   MagIcon 2002 03
UPA Newsletter:
1983 Jan-Feb

(posted 12/20/2013)
  UPA Newsletter:
2002 Winter

(posted 12/20/2013)
  UPA Newsletter:
2001 Spring

(posted 12/20/2013)
  UPA Newsletter:
2000 Fall

(posted 12/19/2013)
  UPA Newsletter:
2002 Fall

(posted 12/18/2013)


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