Youth Participation Requirements

The following requirements apply to any event where youth (under 18) are allowed to participate.


For all USA Ultimate events, one* USA Ultimate approved chaperone is required for each team with a player under the age of 18.  The chaperone must be listed on the team's event roster

To become an approved chaperone, you must be at least 21 years old and:

  1. Create a USA Ultimate account 
  2. Sign the USAU liability and infectiuos disease waiver
  3. Purchase a membership (Affiliate Player level is a valid membership)
  4. Complete a background screening through the National Center for Safety Initiatives and receive a "green light" (This process takes 2-10 days and is good for two years.).
  5. Complete SafeSport Training (SafeSport training is included in the price of a membership - You need a USAU membership to gain access to the SafeSport training)

Click here for more information regarding chaperone requirements

*Some championship events may require more than one approved chaperone.

Medical Authorization Form

A Medical Authorization form is required for all players under 18 and must be given to the team chaperone.  The team chaperone must keep the form on site with them throughout the event in case of an emergency (please note that medical authorization forms are not submitted to USA Ultimate).

Alcohol Policy at Youth Events

Alcohol shall not be marketed, provided, served or sold at USA Ultimate official, sponsored, sanctioned or affiliated youth events (events where all of the participants are under 21).

Competition Requirements

For youth events, the following schedule parameters are mandatory:

  1. Max 3 games/day and 6 max on the weekend when using full length (2 hour, games to 15);
  2. Option to have more games within the 6 hour (per day) max game time (if # of teams/competition necessitates);
  3. Minimum of 30 minutes from hard cap to start of next round;
  4. If teams have more than 2 games in a day, one 1-hour break between games is recommended.


For non-youth events with youth players- while the above schedule parameters are not required, please be aware of youth participants in the event when creating the event schedule.

Additional Safety Considerations

Organizers should give special consideration when youth are present.  Keep safety a priority.  When minors are permitted to play with adults, consider:

  • appropriate SKILL LEVEL

  • adequate BODY SIZE


  • presence of ALCOHOL

  • age-appropriate SOCIAL ACTIVITIES