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USA Ultimate’s Learn to Play program works with local disc organizations to introduce and teach the sport of ultimate to new groups of youth, while helping connect kids with the local organization’s youth playing opportunities. 

Learn to Play opportunities are designed to be flexible, to feature low-barriers to initial participation and, most importantly, to be fun for kids ages 7-15. Areas looking to introduce and grow ultimate at the high school level may also take advantage of the Learn to Play program. You'll find more information about the benefits of introducing youth to ultimate here.

To find out more about growing girls' ultimate and supporting the Girls' Ultimate Movement (GUM) check out gum.usaultimate.org.

Are you in need of teaching, organizer or parent resources? Then click here.

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Due to budget constraints resulting from COVID-19, we are temporarily suspending the review, approval and shipment of kits. When it has become more feasible, we will review applications later in the year.

USA Ultimate’s Learn to Play kits provide new ultimate programs and local youth-serving organizations like the YMCA, Boys & Girls Clubs, after-school programs and other similar groups the tools they need to introduce ultimate.


USA Ultimate’s Learn to Play clinics help local disc organizations introduce ultimate to local populations through a series of one to six hosted clinics that are linked to a currently offered YCC, club or school-based league playing opportunity. These clinics are held in conjunction with local partners (parks and recreation organizations, community centers, etc.) or by a local disc organization with existing youth ultimate leagues.



Learn to Play leagues are the final piece in USA Ultimate’s Learn to Play programs and connecting skills to competition. Local disc organizations and USA Ultimate Affiliates and SBOs partner with parks and recreation or youth-serving organizations to offer weekly opportunities for kids to build their skills before practicing them in a league-based environment. 


Each kit contains:

  • 10 discs
  • Learn to Play clinic guide
  • Half- cones
  • Posters and stickers




Resources include:

  • Learn to Play clinic guide
  • Registration and administrative support


Click here for more detailed information on what we offer and requirements to host a clinic.


Resources include:

  • 20 discs, pinnies and cones
  • Learn to Play Leagues curriculum and format
  • Marketing and operating funding
  • Registration and administrative support


Click here for more detailed information on what we offer and requirements to host a league.

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Requirements for applying include:

  • $18.75 shipping fee
  • A clinic coach
  • A targeted youth population to which ultimate can be introduced. 
  • Plans to use the kit multiple times.
  • Long term plans for sustainability of ultimate




How we choose sites to receive the marketing and operating funding and equipment:

  • A USA Ultimate affiliate or state-based organization.
  • Leagues that are willing to charge a membership to connect youth with USA Ultimate playing opportunities and resources
  • At minimum, apply five weeks in advance of the clinic. The ideal timing is six to eight weeks as this allows more time for successful organization and promotion.
  • A local disc organization that is looking for resources to help start their new league.
  • An existing playing opportunity, such as a high school or middle school league, that will allow youth to continue playing this great sport.
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If you have any questions about the Learn to Play program, contact <sarah@hq.usaultimate.org>.