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Sanctioned Event Registration

Registration for Sanctioned Events - Overview

Below are the requirements for registration in a sanctioned event. 

All forms, fees and materials must be submitted before teams/players begin play.

Players or teams that fail to register with USAU will not be covered by USAU's insurance policy, place the event at risk of losing sanctioning privileges and place the team/players at risk of not being able to participate in future USAU events. 

  • ROSTER: Submit a complete team roster
  • WAIVER: Signed waiver of liability from each participant
  • MEMBERSHIP: All players must be a current annual USAU member or purchase an event membership.
  • YOUTH FORMS: Each youth player must complete a Medical Authorization form and turn it in to their chaperone.
  • CHAPERONE: Each team with a youth player must have a USAU cleared chaperone listed on the team roster.



Team & Player Registration Forms


Creating an Event Roster


Additional Requirements for Youth


Paying for an Event Membership

  Club Regular Season Rostering

Timing/Deadlines for Team & Player Registration


Questions?  Contact sanctioning@usaultimate.org


Team & Player Registration Forms


Membership & Waiver Form Required for each member- once per calendar year (can be completed online by player in their USAU account)
Chaperones Required for teams with youth participants- must list chaperone on online roster
Medical Authorization Form Required for each youth participant- should be given to the team chaperone


Creating an Event Roster

All teams must submit an event roster for each sanctioned event they attend. ALL PLAYERS MUST BE ON A ROSTER BEFORE THEY ARE ALLOWED TO PLAY.  Players or teams that fail to register with USAU will not be covered by USAU's insurance policy, place the event at risk of losing sanctioning privileges and place the team/players at risk of not being able to participate in future USAU events. 


Team organizers for Competitive events (including all Club and College Regular Season events) are required to submit a roster online.  It is recommended and preferred that team organizers for all events use the online rostering system, however, excel rosters are accepted for Recreational events. Use the guide below for help creating an event roster.

  • Online Rostering Help Guide

    • You may be able to roster players who are missing a waiver or membership, but they will need to take care of those missing items before the event begins.
    • If any players on the team are under 18, a cleared team chaperone must be added to the event roster.


Rosters for some events can be submitted using the electronic excel version of the USA Ultimate Sanctioned Event Roster- this roster can be used for recreational events and can be used to submit roster additions at the event for competitive classic events.  Competitive Premier, Club Regular Season, and all College Regular Season events require entering complete rosters in the online rostering system. 

Complete the excel roster form and either email it to USA Ultimate at sanctioning@usaultimate.org (must be received at least 3 days before event) or turn it in to the event organizer at the event.

Additional Requirements for Youth

Submit a waiver of liability that has been signed by a parent or guardian

Complete a medical authorization form that has been signed by a parent or guardian and submitted to the appropriate chaperone. These forms should be kept on site throughout the event. They are not submitted to USA Ultimate for sanctioned events.

An adult (21 or older) that will be responsible for a youth player/s must be designated as the chaperone and must complete a background check for USAU (see: Chaperones). 

Event Membership Fee

Participants who are not annual members of USA Ultimate can pay for a one-time Event Membership (unless the event requirements require full membership, typically when part of a championship season or series).  Event Memberships have limited membership benefits.  Current rates for one-time Event Membership dues are posted on the main Membership Page.  These players may still create a new or use an existing online USAU account, and they can sign a waiver electronically in their online account.  To pay the Event Membership online, the player must be rostered in the event (the player can then pay the fee from their Player Account, or the team manager can pay Event Memberships for all players on the team).  If paying by check, please be sure that the check arrives prior to the event.

All events hosted by USA Ultimate Affiliates require annual player-level USA Ultimate membership, including the reduced priced Affiliate-level membership (Event Membership is not available for affiliate events).

Club Regular Season Rostering

Read the current Club Season and Series Guidelines

STEP 1: Make sure your team exists in the online system for the current season (it must be rolled over from last season rather than created from scratch, if the team existed in the system last year).  If you were not a team manager in the previous year/season, another team manager will need to add you to the current season/year team.

STEP 2: Add all team managers, players, coaches and chaperones that will be participating in the current season to the Team Personnel.  (Note: players will receive an email requesting them to confirm participation with the team; if they fail to receive that email, they can also confirm by logging into their account and clicking the "Pending Actions/Notifications" box.)

STEP 3: Register the team for upcoming events in the current season.

STEP 4: Roster players that will be attending each event, making sure that their waivers show as verified/signed and their membership levels are appropriate for event requirements.


1) How do I know if I correctly registered my team for the sanctioned event I am going to?  -When you are looking at your team admin details, there will be a list of upcoming and past events for the current season for which the team has been registered along with columns indicating statuses of event requirements met.

2) Do all the players on my event roster need to be current members for club or college regular season or postseason/series events?  -Yes, full annual national player-level membership (Youth, College, Club, Coach & Player, Lifetime) is required for all players who are rostered on teams that are playing in college or club regular season or postseason/series events, as well as for high school state and regional championship and youth club championship events (Affiliate and Event level memberships are not available for those events).

3) I have players on my team personnel list who are not attending the sanctioned event I am registering for, do I remove them? -No, you should leave players on your team personnel who have or will attend any event with the team in the current season.  For each event, those players who are actually attending should be rostered for that individual event.  

Registration Timing and Deadlines


See the Tournament Sanctioning section for current deadlines and requirements for the various competitive levels of tournaments.