The experience of being a USA Ultimate member includes many benefits and significant value but most importantly you can FEEL GOOD knowing that you are a key supporter of an organization that is developing ultimate all over the United States.  

You are a part of giving kids their first disc at a Learn To Play (LTP) or Girls' Ultimate Movement (GUM) clinic, training coaches to build the next generation of players, making ultimate safer as a sport and activity, and much more!  All of these are part of the experience of being a member of USA Ultimate.  THANK YOU for the impact that your membership makes on so many other people all around the country!



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Annual Report


The organization's most recent annual report outlines all things USA Ultimate from 2017.


Strategic Plan

Read more about our mission, our vision, and our goals in USA Ultimate's 2013-2018 strategic plan.



What do USA Ultimate members' dues support?

Increased playing opportunitites

USA Ultimate is always striving to increase the number of playing opportunities available to our members. We offer hundreds of events to our members organized by USA Ultimate, our state based organizations, affiliates or sanctioned through USA Ultimate.

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The growth of youth ultimate

All kids should have the opportunity to play. Our dream is that one day all youth are able to sign up to play ultimate through their local recreation center, YMCA, school and ultimate organization. To make these programs available everywhere, USA Ultimate is working hard to develop the programs, resources and infrastructure necessary to support this growth such as Learn to Play and GUM. Youth represents our fastest growing area of membership.


National level competition, teams and players

USA Ultimate supports the best ultimate events in the country, winning gold medals in international competition and developing the strongest ultimate athletes in the world. You don’t compete at this level? That’s okay. Without our success in competition, not as many people would know about ultimate in the U.S., not as many people would support the development of ultimate in their community, ultimate participation in the U.S. would not be at the all-time high of over 5 million people and there is no way we would have a chance at being in the Olympics in the foreseeable future! So while not everyone plays at the most competitive levels, supporting a structure which develops elite competition is important for the future of the sport.


Building the ultimate community

USA Ultimate believes the future of the sport depends on building a strong national infrastructure with local organizations. USA Ultimate has committed staff, resources and financial support to building partnerships with the ultimate community with the goal of uniting us all into one big family!


Our members

Our members’ needs, feedback and ultimate goals are important to USA Ultimate. We provide:

 ESPN camera
USAU 2012 paint

Quality and safety

When you see the USA Ultimate logo, you know you will be playing in an event with the highest commitment to safety, fun, and professionalism.



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USA Ultimate Membership - USA Ultimate memberships are not refundable nor transferable and do not guarentee participation. Members are encouraged to sign up as early as possible to receive the most from their membership. All USA Ultimate memberships are based on the calendar year (January 1 – December 31). Any memberships purchased through November 30 will expire on December 31 of the current year. Memberships for the following year become available on December 1. Please review the information carefully before registering.