The Play It Forward program provides membership and financial assistance for youth from underserved populations to learn about and play ultimate. As a member or supporter, you can be a part of USA Ultimate's growing initiative to give every youth participant an opportunity to become a member, play in events, and be part of the amazing ultimate community!

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Provide financial assistance to kids from underrepresented communities to give them the opportunity to experience ultimate.

Youth players from underserved populations can apply for financial assistance for their youth memberships.



Faces of Play It Forward



Saamir Baker

"You guys have changed my life for the betterment of myself. I don't know where I would be without ultimate, and as an extension, I don't know where I would be without you guys. So, I appreciate it so much and thank you for giving me access to play this amazing sport. I hope to one day be able to donate to Play It Forward."

June Rapisura

"Having the opportunity to try out for this team means the whole world to me because this is one of the reasons why I work so hard -- to reach a position where I can showcase my skills, talent and heart that I play with."

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J'Lynn Matthews

"Ultimate was my first sport. I love ultimate! I can't imagine myself not playing anymore. Every time I get on that field, I feel like I'm on vacation, like it's an escape. I just love talking about it and playing it so much. That's why I continue to do it in college."


"Ultimate is a beautiful sport, and if we want more kids to have access to it, we've got to knock down those barriers to entry. Play It Forward is an amazing piece of that puzzle." - Chris Lehmann, Founding Principal/Head Coach at Science Leadership Academy. 


More program information:

Please submit all application materials at least 1 week prior to the date a membership is required by (i.e. if the event roster deadline is Wednesday, submit materials by the Wednesday before).

Player Application Form (en español)*

*Translation of waiver coming soon


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*As of June 19, 2020, players will have the option of providing a letter of recommendation from their coach instead of a Free & Reduced Price School Meals letter from their school. Additionally, a letter from a school or coach will only be required if applying for Youth memberships. Applications for Affiliate Youth memberships will not require a letter.

Letter of Recommendation Form (en español)


PDF dl iconExample School Letter 


Please direct any questions to Leah (Manager - Community Services & Development) at


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