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As part of USA Ultimate's expanded youth and education program, we are happy to provide additional resources for physical educators and those new to coaching ultimate. Ultimate is an ideal sport  as it combines skills that are easy to learn with plenty of exercise. To top it off, the equipment to play ultimate is inexpensive.

For questions related to ultimate education please contact Any general questions you have can be sent to

About Ultimate


Introduction to Ultimate


What is ultimate? Why play ultimate?


Coaching Resources

Contest WhyMyCoachRocks

Want to learn how to support and develop players, teams, and the game? 



Spectator's Guide to Ultimate

SpectatorGuide Cover2

A downloadable version of the spectator's guide to ultimate. Great for those new to the sport!


Organizer Resources


Access to the online organizer's resource manual.



Parent Resources 

2015wu23 parents

Learn how you can get involved as an ultimate parent!


Start-up Kit


This is a must have kit with equipment and resources that provide you with everything you need to teach ultim. 


Educator Quick Reference Guide

EdQuickRefGuide 2020

This resource includes everything you need to market and introduce the sport to someone new to ultimate including small games and new youth recommendations.


Run a Learn to Play Program


USA Ultimate youth outreach initiative in which we partner with organizers across the country to teach youth how to play ultimate.



Spirit of the Game

USAU SOTG Award 2 2011

Learn about Spirit of the Game!


Where to Play


Find a local playing opportunity near you.





USA Ultimate is proud to partner with TrueSport to provide you with informative articles and resources.




Basic Skills, Strategy and Drills to Teach Ultimate

basicskillsstrategyanddrills image

More skills and drills to help you teach ultimate to your team, clinic or classroom.


Instructional Cue Cards




Cards that teach the 10 basic skills of ultimate through an objective, instructional graphics, cues, steps, advanced practice and quick fixes. 



Teaching Ultimate


Detailed lesson plans for teaching ultimate.


Intro Skills & Drills

coverphoto introskillsdrills 11 6 15 SNP

A brief, introductory skills manual for teaching ultimate.





Paideia Groove 2011

Paideia Groove demonstrates what it's like to both play and be a part of the amazing, tight-knit ultimate community.


Coaching Healthy Habits Training

6-minute training from Healthy Kids Out of School to teach youth sports teams, coaches, players and parents these 3 healthy habits: Drink Right, Move More, and Snack Smart.



 Ultimate 101


A series of videos demonstrating the basics of ultimate.


How to Play Ultimate

LearnToPlay 07

A short video on how to play ultimate.


USA Ultimate Outreach


Ultimate staff attend the national Society of Health and Physical Educators (SHAPE) conference every spring to bring ultimate to physical educators across the country. 

Each spring and fall USA Ultimate state outreach coordinators (SOCs) represent the sport at many of the state association physical education (PE) conferences across the country. At the state PE conferences, the state outreach coordinators provide information about the sport, local playing opportunities, coaching development program and promote our youth-serving organization memberships. At most conferences, USA Ultimate representatives will also give a one hour presentation on how to teach ultimate. If you are a PE teacher interested in learning more about ultimate, please stop by our booth at your state or regional convention!

If you are interested in supporting the state outreach coordinator at the confererence on behalf of USA Ultimate or becoming a state outreach coordinator, please contact Youth and Education Programs Coordinator Sarah Powers at

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