Insurance Details

USA Ultimate approved sanctioned events are protected through the USA Ultimate liability policy, if coverage is elected. You must be an event manager or a rostered participant to be eligible for insurance coverage. Having only a USA Ultimate membership does not insure a participant. We can provide insurance certificates for those that need to be listed as Additional Insured.


Summary of the USA Ultimate general liability insurance policy

Claim Form

Use this form to report an accident and/or file a claim

Claim Form Instructions

Instructions on completing the claim form and filing a claim

Additional Insurance Coverage for USA Ultimate Affiliates


Learn more about the excellent insurance coverage extended to USA Ultimate affiliates:

  • General liability outlined above
  • Participant accident coverage outlined above
  • Directors and Officers coverage for all affiliate board of directors
  *Our coverage is intended to supplement existing coverage and act as secondary coverage. We expect all members to carry their own coverage and not utilize USAU coverage as a primary insurance. We do the best we can to update the policy summary on our site to reflect annual changes, but only the policy itself should be used to determine actual coverage.


USA Ultimate sanctions and insures events, not teams.  Therefore, everyone at a sanctioned event must be registered.  Players/teams cannot opt out of registering if they are participating in a sanctioned event.

Events may not be sanctioned across two calendar years (i.e. Nov.-Feb.) nor more than 6 months within a calendar year. Exceptions may be made for winter leagues which may have a December start date.  To sanction for the following year, applicants will need to reapply.

USA Ultimate insurance provides coverage for Ultimate-related activities only.  Insurance does not cover non-Ultimate activities such as socials, parties, showers, non-Ultimate games, driving, alcohol, food, etc.  


Certificate of Insurance

We offer certificates of insurance for organizers as well as additional insured certificates for field sites, towns, etc... You may request insurance certificates on your sanctioning application form. 

Please see the Sanctioning Information Page to learn more about insuring your event and to find the application form for your event.

Once you submit your application and your event is approved and you need additional certificates you can download the Insurance Request Form and email it to the appropriate manager. Tips for completing the Insurance Request Forms.