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Development Insurance


Welcome to the USA Ultimate Development Insurance program! The purpose of this program is to provide insurance coverage for USA Ultimate members in activities and programs that are desiged to help develop skills and train players for competing in ultimate events. By completing a simple list of requirements, development and training program organizers can receive all of the benefits of the program! 

The Development Insurance program can provide insurance coverage to the following types of ultimate-related events:

  • Team Practices
  • Team Tryouts
  • Local Pick-Up Games
  • Ultimate Camps
  • Ultimate Clinics

Note: For Tournaments (Non Regular Season, Club & College regular season, Hat Tournaments), organizers can use the Tournament Sanctioning program for insurance coverage.  For Leagues, organizers can use the League Sanctioning program for insurance coverage.

Note: We’ve added some clarity between camps and clinics, so you know where to apply for a camp versus a clinic. You can apply for a Learn to Play clinic (Boys and girls 18 and under) here, usaultimate.org/learntoplay and a girls’ only Girls’ Ultimate Movement (GUM) clinic (Girls 18 and under) here, gum.usaultimate.org.


  • Usually more than a one day session, often 1 week or multiple weeks of back to back sessions
  • Could offer instruction and improvement for ultimate, but often will include other sports and activities as well to vary the day’s activities.


  •  A one day session over multiple hours on a specific sport.
  • This could include a series of one day clinics as well that occur over multiple weeks.
  • Kids learn ultimate or improve their existing ultimate skills through fun games and drills and a scrimmage at the end.
  • The clinic could have activities for beginners and/or experienced athletes.



The primary purpose and benefit of utilizing the Development Insurance program is the USA Ultimate insurance coverage provided for your sanctioned event. Requirements In order to receive the benefits of the Development Insurance program, certain requirements must be met.  The most important requirements include the rostering of all participants, purchasing full or event memberships for all participants, and collecting signed waivers from all participants (or guardians of minors). How to Apply Once you feel that the Development Insurance program is right for your event, you can apply for sanctioning approval by submitting your application and sanctioning fee (make sure to understand all applicable deadlines). Before applying, please review all of the benefits, requirements, and the application process to ensure that you understand the program.


Please Note: USA Ultimate cannot sanction any events or programs with direct connection to or branding by the American Ultimate Disc League or any of its teams or brands.  See [link to 2014 position statement]for details.



    Organizer Resources   If you are a current organizer for a USA Ultimate Sanctioned event, check out this page for helpful resources for managing your event.   Please contact sanctioning@usaultimate.org with any questions. We're happy to help you!  


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