USA Ultimate Weekly (May 23, 2019)

Posted: May 23, 2019 05:01 PM

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5 23 19 CollegeChamps

The College Championships Are Here!

It's College Championships weekend! ~1,000 athletes are on their way to Texas to take on the country's best. Starting tomorrow, follow along on the College Championships site and the USA Ultimate app. 

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5 23 19 CollegeTickets

Get Tickets for the College Championships

Tickets are available online now for the College Championships. Get them before you arrive in Texas.



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5 23 19 WatchCollege   

Watch 28 College Championships Games!

Check out the full broadcast schedule for the 2019 College Championships to see all 28 games you can stream live from Texas, and get ready to tune in this Memorial Day Weekend.

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5 23 19 Oberlin   

Oberlin Wins D-III Women's Title

The Oberlin Preying Manti earned their first-ever D-III College Championships title last weekend in College Station, Texas! Find out how they got there.  

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5 23 19 Middlebury

Middlebury Are D-III Men's Champs 

The Middlebury Pranksters brought their second D-III College Championships trophy back home to Vermont last weekend. Catch up on their title run. 

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5 23 19 ManuLiveUltimate

Manuela Joins Live Ultimate Ambassadors

We're excited to welcome Manuela Cardenas as the newest Live Ultimate Ambassador! Find out more about Manu and how she lives ultimate.


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