2013 World Games Tryouts

Posted: January 1, 2013 11:13 AM
USA Ultimate is pleased to announce the players selected for the 2013 World Games tryout camps.
Over 500 players from across the United States applied and from those applications 55 men and 44 women were chosen by the selection committee to attend one of two training camps.  The East Coast camp will take place in Washington D.C. on March 23rd and 24th. The West Coast camp will take place in San Francisco on March 16th and 17th.
Players will be vying to be one of the twenty players selected for the 2013 World Games team which will compete in Cali, Colombia this summer. 

Men's Tryouts

Player Team Tryout
Asa Wilson Chain Lightning East Coast
Dylan Tunnell Chain Lightning East Coast
Greg Swanson Chain Lightning East Coast
Jared Inselmann Chain Lightning East Coast
Mark Poole Chain Lightning East Coast
Nicky Spiva Chain Lightning East Coast
Brodie Smith Doublewide East Coast
Kevin Richardson Doublewide East Coast
Danny Clark Ironside East Coast
George Stubbs Ironside East Coast
Josh Markette Ironside East Coast
Matthew Rebholz Ironside East Coast
Peter Prial Ironside East Coast
Tom Annen Madison East Coast
Dan Heijman PoNY East Coast
Jack Marsh PoNY East Coast
Seth Wiggins Rhino East Coast
Brett Matzuka Ring of Fire East Coast
Ken Porter Ring of Fire East Coast
Taylor Pope Ring of Fire East Coast
Nate Castine Sockeye East Coast
Grant Lindsley Sub Zero East Coast
Sean Keegan Truck Stop East Coast
Nick Lance Chain Lightning West Coast
Jeff Loskorn Doublewide West Coast
Jerrod Wolfe Doublewide West Coast
Kiran Thomas Doublewide West Coast
Kurt Gibson Doublewide West Coast
Michael Natenberg Doublewide West Coast
James Hron Drag N' Thrust West Coast
Jack McShane Johnny Bravo West Coast
Jimmy Mickle Johnny Bravo West Coast
Joshua Ackley Johnny Bravo West Coast
Ryan Farrell Johnny Bravo West Coast
Adam Simon Revolver West Coast
Ashlin Joye Revolver West Coast
Beau Kittredge Revolver West Coast
Cassidy Rasmussen Revolver West Coast
Mac Taylor Revolver West Coast
Robbie Cahill Revolver West Coast
Russell Wynne Revolver West Coast
Sam Kanner Revolver West Coast
Chase Sparling-Beckley Rhino West Coast
Danny Karlinsky Sockeye West Coast
Joe Sefton Sockeye West Coast
Matt Rehder Sockeye West Coast
Philip Murray Sockeye West Coast
Alex Evangelides Sub Zero West Coast

Women's Tryouts

Player Team Tryout
Raha Mozaffari AMP East Coast
Becky Malinowski Brute Squad East Coast
Robyn Fennig Heist East Coast
Anna Schott Molly Brown East Coast
Kathleen Ratcliff Molly Brown East Coast
Sally Lambert Molly Brown East Coast
Lori Eich Nemesis East Coast
Claire Chastain North Carolina-Wilmington East Coast
Angela Lin Ozone East Coast
Kate Wilson Ozone East Coast
Liz Duffy Ozone East Coast
Maureen McCamley Ozone East Coast
Cate Foster Phoenix East Coast
Leila Tunnell Phoenix East Coast
Lindsey Hack Phoenix East Coast
Allison Maddux Scandal East Coast
Jennifer Fey Scandal East Coast
Octavia Payne Scandal East Coast
Samantha McClellan Scandal East Coast
Sandy Jorgensen Scandal East Coast
Katey Forth Showdown East Coast
Alex Snyder Fury West Coast
Anna Nazarov Fury West Coast
Cree Howard Fury West Coast
Kaela Jorgenson Fury West Coast
Lakshmi Narayan Fury West Coast
Manisha Daryani Fury West Coast
Nancy Sun Fury West Coast
Georgia Bosscher Heist West Coast
Lindsey Cross Molly Brown West Coast
Kelly Johnson Nemisis West Coast
An-Chi Tsou Polar Bears West Coast
Alyssa Weatherford Riot West Coast
Calise Cardenas Riot West Coast
Drew Johnson Riot West Coast
Hana Kawai Riot West Coast
Kate Kingery Riot West Coast
Rohre Titcomb Riot West Coast
Sarah Griffith Riot West Coast
Shannon O'Malley Riot West Coast
Cara Crouch Showdown West Coast
Holly Greunke Showdown West Coast
Selecting players for these camps was incredibly difficult given the incredible amount of talent across our championship divisions. We could easily form several teams that could represent us at the highest level in Colombia.