Contest #3 - Recharge Trivia Contest 

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Each day of the 2011 College Championships, USA Ultimate will be posting a trivia question to the Ultimate Community.  For each trivia question, there will be a short window open to submit your guess, and we will randomly select a winner from the correct entries. 

The winner will be receive a Recharge Klean Kanteen, as well as assorted USA Ultimate gear. 










Trivia Question: "Which open and women's teams in the college division have the longest active championship appearance streaks?"

Answer: Colorado (Open) since 1998, Carleton College (Women's) since 2004

Winner: Mark Leduc.  7% of the responses were correct.


Trivia Question: "This year's college championships hold the distinction of having a trio of siblings participating in the event on three different schools. Who are these ultimate siblings and on which teams do they play?"

- Sophia Herscu, Colorado College (Sr)
- Misha Herscu, Harvard (So)
- Jonah Herscu, Carleton College (Fr)

Winner: Mikhail Stal.  9 correct entries.



Trivia Question: "Colorado is playing right now, aiming to win the championship in a final held in the same state as their school. This has happened four times before (counting open and women's).

Which two different schools hold the distinction of winning a championship with a home-state advantage?"


- UCSB and Stanford
- In 1988 UCSB (Open and Women) won in santa barbara, ca
 - In 1997 UCSB (Open) and Stanford (Women) won in davis, ca

Winner: Abby Hagel.  4 correct entires.



Trivia Question: Colin Camp caught 8 goals in Wisconsin's semi final yesterday after having only 6 goals on the weekend coming into the game.

Wisconsin played in the open final against Florida the last time the college championships were in Boulder. Which Hodag had a breakout game to lead the team in goals scored in that game?

Answer: Jon Gaynor

Winner: Pete Wentz. 5 correct responses.