Contest #1 - "Why Our Coach Rocks" – Women’s Ultimate Outreach

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Contest Details


Video Contest Finalists

Allderdice HS

Coach: Molly Moore


Coaches: Amy Chou, Joey Durkin

Central Florida

Coach: Joe Tilley


Coach: Mike Nash

Georgia College & State

Coach: Haley Reese

North Carolina

Coach: Lindsey Hack


Coach: Lou Burruss

Seattle Academy

Coach: Miranda Roth

Watchung Hills HS

  • Coaches: Terence Chen, Kenneth Karnas, Michael Porter

Video Contest Voting


Voting is closed. The winners will be announced shortly as soon as the results have been verified.



Contest Details 


Create a one minute video that tells the Ultimate world "why our coach rocks". 



Coaches put in the long hours.  They come in after work and school is finished, help plan practices, strategize, give tips and feedback. They offer support and motivation. They have the ability to transform your team’s experience with Ultimate. It’s not an easy job and while we often let our coaches know how much we appreciate them, it is never really quite enough is it?

Now you have a new opportunity to show your thanks.  USA Ultimate is putting together a contest for High School, College, or Club Women's teams that can land their team and their coach a prize:

  • 1st place prize - 12 jerseys from VC Ultimate & a 3-year coach membership for your coach.
  • 2nd place prize - 12 shorts from VC Ultimate & a 3-year coach membership for your coach.
  • 3rd place prize - a 1-year coach membership

    Join USA Ultimate as we let our coaches know just how much they mean, both to the team and the sport as whole!

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    Thank you to VC Ultimate for supplying prizes for the winning "Why Our Coach Rocks" team video.

Details and Rules:  

  • The contest is limited to High School, College, or Club Women's teams.
  • Create a video that is (60 seconds maximum) that shows why your coach is so important to your program. Game footage, skits, animation…the sky is the limit.
  • Post your video on Youtube/Vimeo and send a link to

  • Voting will remain open through through May 25th, 2011 (5:00pm MT).   One vote per USA Ultimate member.
  • USA Ultimate reserves the right to disqualify a video for any reason.

Contest WhyMyCoachRocks

Status: Closed