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Three Warm-Up Fundamentals

by Miranda Roth

While others may be more concerned with adjustments for each game, specific plyometrics, or the most useful drills, I have 3 solid beliefs on fundamentals of warm-ups:

  • Try to do the same thing for each game.  No matter what you may include in your warm-ups, teams and individuals respond well to a routine.  This way players don’t have to focus too much on the timing or progression of warm-ups and can instead focus on their skills, body and/or uncontrollables around them.
  • Don’t introduce new drills in warm-ups.  While coaches and captains may have a vast array of drills that could help in many situations, it is more important to use known drills in warm-ups to temper the mental taxation of pre-game or pre-tournament play.  Make sure you learn enough drills in your practices that you have a significant repertoire to choose from in warm-ups.
  • Warm up defense and offense.  We often focus so much on warming up our throws and catches that we forget to warm up our defense.  I think the easiest way to do this is to add marks to throwing drills and to finish warm-ups with some sort of game play whether it is half-field 7 on 7 or mini.


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Tue June 28th, 2011

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