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Fury Knows How To Win

by Miranda Roth

Fury, more than any other Women's team in the nation (perhaps ever, though there will be those who argue for Godiva or Maineiacs), knows what to do in Sarasota. 

Each player seems to have a very good grasp of her specific role from the top of the roster to the bottom. Everyone plays that role perfectly when push comes to shove. They don't mess around against teams they know they will beat, and they bring it hard to teams that might have entertained thoughts of having a chance. 

In the end, I think that the former is more important than the latter — anyone can decide to bring it in a big game, but the question is how much do they have left to bring? This became glaringly obvious in the heat, sun, and humidity of Florida this year, not to mention the wind of years previous. This year when other teams (mine included) bled points to teams they had beaten all season long, Fury was done with each game early and was already resting in the shade when others were playing into the cap. Over a 4-day tournament time is ridiculously important. I think the particular skills they showed were less on the field (though those, as always, were impeccable) and more off the field — preparation, role definition and mental toughness. 

Congratulations, yet again! 

huddle Issue 28 How The 2009 Champs Did It

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

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