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Chain: The New DoG

by Jim Parinella

During DoG's heyday 15 years ago, our main offensive strength was that we would take what they'd give us. Our offense was efficient, not just in terms of scoring percentage, but in using energy wisely. Players created space by knowing when to get out of the way or to simply stay put and remain out of the way. We liked the long game, but were equally comfortable in taking a series of passes up the line. We relied on our O players knowing each other, and we'd give our receivers options (see above point about getting out of the way) and trust that the throwers could get it there. 

From reading the writeups of Chain's O last year and from watching the championship game video, I was dumbstruck by the similarities. Compared to the frenetic movements of Sockeye's receivers, Chain's cutters would often be stationary (though not clogging), and reset cuts were available. They hucked efficiently, but they also would take the reset. Players had specialities, but that wasn't all they did. Their receivers could throw effectively. They broke the mark when they had to and keep the disc moving. 

To continue winning, Chain needs to keep their O together and to make subtle adjustments based on players' changing skills and on defensive adjustments. If they codify the way they are doing things now as "the way," teams will adjust and their players will change and they'll spend years trying to recapture the glory. 

huddle Issue 28 How The 2009 Champs Did It

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

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