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Left & Right Options

by Lindsey Hack

First of all, I would be very intrigued to hear the Open authors' answers on this question because, for the most part, Women's pulls do not involve a ridiculous amount of rocket science to field (or maybe I have been missing out on something for years). 

Typically, we will call a pull play where one person on the left side of the field fields the pull if it goes left and one person on the right side of the field fields the pull if it goes right. Therefore, within a second or two after the puller releases the disc, the appropriate player calls out that they will field the pull and feed it into a player that is in the center. 

If at all possible, it is pretty advantageous to catch the pull. When it is windy — especially in Women's Ultimate — it may even be necessary to sprint forward once the pull is thrown to try and catch it before it hits the ground. That also means that your whole offensive line needs to be sprinting forward as well. Also, it is smart to practice fielding rollers and stopping rollers from obviously advancing in a direction to your disadvantage — whether that be to the trap sideline or back towards your endzone. 

huddle Issue 27 Fielding The Pull

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Catch The Pull
by Gwen Ambler

Unfailing Terminology
by Lou Burruss

The Basics
by Adam Goff

Left & Right Options
by Lindsey Hack

Respond As It Comes
by Greg Husak

Eliminate 2-3 Breaks A Game
by Brett Matzuka

The Catch To The Hitch
by Adam Sigelman





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