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Be Unpredictable

by Lou Burruss

1. Face the mark. This classic piece of throwing technology dates back to the dawn of modern Ultimate when Windy City and NYNY ruled. The uneducated thrower looks upfield at the stack and they position their body to reflect this. When they want to throw a dump they have to turn 270 degrees, which is incredibly slow. (Or turn their back to the field, which is incredibly dumb.) By facing the mark, you shorten the turn to 180 degrees. If you want to throw open side, you merely step out and away from the mark for an easy release. 

2. Play off rhythm. All good defenders depend on the rhythm of the game and the offense to anticipate the action and the deny-dump mark is no exception. The marker is relying on you turning to the dump at a predictible point in the stall count (usually 5 to 7.) If you throw the dump on stalling 3 sometimes, they aren't ready. 

3. Play fast. This is similar to playing off rhythm, but is a team strategy rather than an individual one. The deny-dump mark is dependent on the mark establishing. If you are releasing on stalling 1 or 2, they can't ever set up. It's only if you hold the disc up around 6, 7 or 8 that you'll get in trouble. 

4. Develop arounds. Get your around throws quick and confident. The better they are, the better the marker has to be to take them away. Typically, the deny-dump mark relies on catching you by surprise and if you are quick and confident, you have beaten them before they realize they have to take you seriously. 

huddle Issue 26 The Dump Denying Mark

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010
Be Unpredictable
by Lou Burruss

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