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Move As Early As Possible

by Jeff Eastham-Anderson

In framing this discussion, I think it is important to note that some teams have a static approach to shifting the mark, while others are more dynamic. In the static case, the mark starts off taking away more of the reset look only on the sideline, while giving up more of an angle downfield. In the dynamic case, the marker starts off with a conventional angle, but rotates with the marker when they turn to hit the dump.

With that said, whatever strategy you choose to adopt to combat this mark, your task will generally be easier if the thrower and cutters are actively looking to move the disc off the sideline as early as possible. Instead of waiting for a lane cut to develop, realize that your primary goal is to get the disc out of a situation where the defense has an advantage (they have the sideline to help them, and they have a cohesive defensive strategy to take advantage of this position). 

A static change in the marker's position on the sideline generally means that everybody but the thrower needs to adjust their strategy. The downfield players need to realize that their defenders are not getting as much help from the mark as they used to, and need to be in a position to take advantage. For example, players in a stack, especially the one closest to the thrower, need to generate more opportunities for the thrower. If the mark shifts a great deal, the person at the front of the stack can basically cut as if they were a dump, and preferentially try and receive the disc on the break side. 

A dynamic change, where the marker is actively denying the thrower's main target, be it downfield or to a reset, means the thrower will need to create and be ready to capitalize on different opportunities as they are presented. The main weakness of an active mark is the relative inability of the mark to tell where the real threat is located. For example, if a cut to the break side is a little tight, the thrower can move the mark and create a larger window by faking a throw to the dump. 

huddle Issue 26 The Dump Denying Mark

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

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