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Moving Without The Frisbee

by Jacob Goldstein

Rotating the mark is a very effective strategy in forcing teams into difficult situations. This strategy works especially well in windy conditions or against teams that primarily run a vertical stack. I am sure that other authors will talk about the mechanics of the thrower in this situation but the one thing that I want to emphasize in this situation is the role of the cutter (normally a handler) who is in the dump position. 

When a mark rotates 45 degrees to take away the backfield dump, the window for a flat forehand in the inside lane is opened. As a thrower, this is great but only half of the battle. In order to take advantage of this window, the dump cutter must actively become aware of this newly opened window. There are two cuts that I would recommend to take advantage of this window. 

The traditional dump cut — cut upfield, stop and become open for a dump in the backfield is exactly what the defense wants you to do. To take advantage of the inside lane, the traditional cut should be modified by driving an additional 3-5 yards farther upfield so that you are coming out of your break in the newly opened IO window. This will allow an easy flat throw along the IO lane. 

The second cut is equally effective and my personal favorite. Again, this cut relies on the dump cutter realizing that they are in a "no-dump" situation. The cutter begins the cut by going for the up-line (or post, 02, power position cut) at full speed. Once the dump cutter reaches the IO window, stop on a dime. Your defender will normally be out of position for 1-2 seconds allowing an easy flat throw along the IO lane. 

huddle Issue 26 The Dump Denying Mark

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

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