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Take Advantage Of The Given Space

by Greg Husak

Rotating the mark can be a very effective strategy against teams that effectively use the reset to work the disc upfield when the initial cut isn't open. This defense works best when it has the element of surprise behind it. However, like many defenses, if offenses recognize that this strategy is being used they can develop a plan to counter it. 

The easiest thing to think about is what the defense gives up when they implement this strategy. The obvious thing is the inside-out throw that gets the disc off the line. Having an upfield cutter make a move back to the middle of the field after making a hard cut to the line will frequently be an easy way to take advantage. Another option is to shift the stack closer to the sideline so that there is more space to the inside-out side of the stack for the thrower to use and for cutters to cut. 

If a team is determined to get the disc to the reset, one adjustment to make is to have the reset wait for a thrower-initiated throw. This keeps the throwing space more open for the thrower, giving larger room for error. If the reset moves early and winds up behind the disc on that sideline there is very little space for the thrower. 

Finally, when that mark moves around, there is really no pressure on the upfield huck. A patient thrower should be able to use this to get off an uncontested huck if he has the confidence to wait until late in the count. 

huddle Issue 26 The Dump Denying Mark

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

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