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Three Looks

by Adam Goff

Nothing earth-shattering here, but first and most important: the easiest way to get out of this situation is to avoid it. A good offense recognizes what the D is playing early (see the zone, see the clam, see everything). An anti-reset mark can be set up by the defense several throws ahead. A person sits in the lane, leaving the handler on the sideline open. It's an obvious throw. The first way to avoid this is to have that receiver (the person who would be trapped) move towards the thrower. Often it is better to all but hand the disc to this person, avoiding the longer throw and the trap. Even better, the receiver can circle behind — resetting the count while moving upfield.

The second way to avoid this is to break the mark before you have to. When the defense drops the person in the lane, don't be tempted — work the disc the other way.

Sometimes, you just can't avoid going into the trap. In this case, I recommend shortening the count in your mind. If you like to look reset or swing at 6, then you are now thinking of doing it by 3. This often will help you get the disc off prior to the mark getting set. A side note — it's important that the other players recognize that you are doing this — you need them to be looking for the throws quickly. This doesn't mean that you should panic. I've coached teams to think of this situation as "three looks." 

Look 1 — you receive the disc and you start to turn — looking upfield and back to the middle. Your first look is back into the field, away from the trap sideline. Your priority is to gain yards, but avoid the trap. 

Look 2 — you continue to turn — looking almost straight up field (close or far). 

Look 3 — you look back into the same place as look 1. You basically have bounced your turn off of the sideline. Always looking upfield. 

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Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

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