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Twice, No More

by Lou Burruss

Once you've mastered the basics (like the two-spot mark) and the not-so-basic-but-standard (like denying the dump on stalling 8), it's time to move on to learning individual players. 

Of course you know all the moves of your nemesis; you play him five times a season and cover him every point you're in. Of course you adjust your game to meet the challenge. Your match-ups become games within games within games where the slightest mistake yields victory. But I'm not talking about him. I'm talking about the guy you've never seen. The guy on that team from somewhere who is suddenly lighting you up. How do you stop him? You've got to know him and the faster you can know him, the faster you can deal with him. 

The trick is to pay attention. The first time you see someone make a throw they've told you something. What you are looking for is that special throw, that game changer. The first time you see someone make this kind of throw, take note. The second time you see the throw, you know they've got it. Now go take it away. Do they have a forehand huck? Play flat and tight and get a hand out there early. Do they have a step-around backhand? Be ready to take that big hop back and away, then close back in. The particulars don't matter. What matters is that you take away something they've proven they can do. 

Twice, no more. 

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