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Character When It Matters Most

by Chelsea Putnam

Spirit of the Game is easy when the game doesn't matter...but that is certainly not the case with Northwest Regionals. Every game is a battle and every game is intense. In my opinion, it is when the UPA Series starts that Spirit matters most. 

The best players in the game can play at an incredibly high level without compromising their personal integrity or the reputation of their team. I think that sometimes Spirit of the Game is mistaken for not contesting calls or not being willing to make a call, but really it is honoring your opponents and yourself by playing 100% and making calls if true violations or fouls occur. I really enjoy the moments in Ultimate when someone makes a call and then after a quick discussion realizes it wasn't the right call and takes it back. I am a true believer that SOTG is something that sets our sport apart from others and for the better. I am proud to be able to say that I have played at the highest level of this sport without the assistance of referees. 

I know, for me personally, there is something very rewarding about battling with an opponent and then turning around and giving them a high five when they just skyed you in the endzone or got a sick layout D. I haven't experienced that feeling in other sports growing up and it is moments like those that make me feel incredibly proud to be an Ultimate player. 

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