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Big Ideas are hard, and they are complicated. Justice is a Big Idea. If I want to know about Justice, it doesn't help to ask a bunch of philosophy students for one-liners. To really learn about Justice, I want to find criminals, victims, cops, defense attorneys, and those falsely accused. I want to get into what it means to live with Justice, or to live without it.

I think that if someone tries to tell you in one sentence what Spirit is then all you have learned is that this person doesn't understand the Idea. It's more complicated than that, and it is complicated because some parts of you might want to live with that Idea, and others don't. What matters, to me, is trying to understand how the people in the mix, the people actually dealing with the ramifications and who have the most to gain and lose from it. I've played with cheaters and I've played with idealists and I've played with a lot of other folks that didn't classify well. I'm more sure than ever that Spirit of the Game is a Big Idea, and that it is worth our time and thought.

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huddle Issue 24 Spirit of the Game

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

by Tully Beatty

The Real Issues With Spirit
by Lou Burruss

Even If No One Is Watching
by Lindsey Hack

A Tennis Analogy
by Brett Matzuka

Our Rules
by Ryan Morgan

Codifying Spirit
by Ted Munter

Spirit Of The Games
by Taylor Pope

Character When It Matters Most
by Chelsea Putnam

The Blender
by Charlie Reznikoff

Two Principal Components
by Adam Sigelman

What Goes Through Your Head
by Ben van Heuvelen

What We Do
by Ben Wiggins

My Turn As That Guy
by Anonymous Elite Open Player



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