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Catching Priorities

by Lindsey Hack

In order to catch a 50/50 disc a player needs to be able to do a number of things correctly to win the battle. 

1. Reading
The player must be able to read the disc and understand how the wind and the way the disc was thrown is going to affect its flight path. 

2. Positioning
Once that player has a good grasp of where that disc is going to float down to earth, that player must establish that position firmly. This, establishing and maintaining your position, does take strength, and if a player thinks that they can continue to compete at high levels without weight training, they are out of their minds. 

3. Jump
The player must be able to jump higher than the other people in this group who are also trying to do #1 and #2. If you do number one and number two perfectly, but do not have as high of a vertical as someone else in this cluster, there is still a chance you will come down with that disc. If you want to ensure that it is you that is going to catch that disc, get yourself on a plyometric program and increase your vertical. With jumping also comes timing your jump. Timing your jump is also a skill that can be worked on. Every time you go tossing, practice timing your catch with reaching the peak of your vertical. he more you are able to catch discs at the peak of your vertical in practice, the more likely you will be able to do this in a game situation. This takes timing and knowing when the disc is at the right height for you. 

4. Catching The Disc
You have read the disc right, you got the position, you can jump higher than anyone else, and you have perfect timing on your jump. Now, catch that piece of plastic! Snatch it out of the air! Grab it! Do not gently try to pull it out of the air. Catch with authority. Practice catching with one hand. Practice catching with your left. Practice catching with your right. Practice catching. Do not let yourself casually drop it even when tossing. Remember, perfect practice makes perfect.

huddle Issue 23 Catching 50/50 Discs

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

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