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Simplicity, Creatvity

by Lindsey Hack

What makes a great play great is simplicity and creativity. It should be designed to have a main cut, but also a bail out. It should be taught on paper, on a whiteboard, with walk-throughs and at full speed. In the past, we have relied more on designing our own plays. My women's club team has minimal to no plays, but the college team I coach has a playbook that they rely on probably 20% of the time off a dead disc situation. They are usually called by the handler picking up the disc or by a coach from the sideline. Personally, I would love to use them more, but there are only so many hours in the day. 

One play that I have found to work at the women's college level pretty successfully over and over again is a 'double or single with cheese'. Vertical stack, player with disc being forced a direction (or they can be forced straight up). Player on front of stack curls break and takes off deep. Last person back or last two players back cut in hard open side. Huck goes to streaking deep player. Now, if it is a straight up mark, the player with the disc will yell out the play and the side they want to throw to. So, let's say the play call is "Worthy" and the player loves their flick huck against a straight up mark. Flick huck would go to the home side. So, the player with the disc would yell out "Worthy, home!" 

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