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Defensive Handlers I Admire

by Kathy Dobson


    Every team has its own style of play and I think it is hard to pick out characteristics that make a great defensive handler—or any other position—without considering it in the context of a specific team. That said, I have noticed that good defensive lines are able to use the chaos of a turn to their advantage. Some teams try to pick up the disc right away and move it quickly to make it difficult for the other team to set up a defense while others take their time to set up an organized offense. Either way, I think one of the biggest factors of successfully scoring off a turn is the on-field leadership skills of the defensive handlers. 

    Nancy Sun, who was a defensive-line handler for Brute Squad for several years and now captains Fury, stands out in my mind as one of the best on-field handler "quarterbacks" that I've played with. Although she prefers a slower set-up off a turn, she is able to recognize when a fast break opportunity is available—based on how many people are downfield, their position, mismatches, etc.—and use it to the team's advantage. It doesn't hurt that she has great long and break throws to open up more opportunities on the field. 

    Nurit Bloom, who played for Brute Squad for several years, is another example of a great defensive handler. She not only creates turns with her physical and smart defense, but she is able to move the disc quickly, making it difficult for the opposing team to set up their defense after a turn. She doesn't have the long throws that other handlers do, but she creates other opportunities with her break throws and quick disc movement. 

    Maureen McCamley, who plays for Lady Godiva, also stands out as a great defensive handler but for a different reason. In addition to having great, physical defense and beautiful long throws, she also has fantastic pulls. In my opinion, any woman who can consistently put the disc in a favorable position off the pull (back left corner of the end-zone, for example), while playing decent defense, should earn playing time on an elite club team.


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Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

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