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Handling: Vision

by Deb Cussen

Having great throws is one thing, but what makes a great handler is how those throws are used. A lot of characteristics that apply can be said about any great player, like the ability to consistently get open, especially late in the stall, and in a dangerous place to make the next throw. The great ones blend taking opportunities and making opportunities. With handlers, I think what separates the great ones, beyond just having great throws, is vision. 

Vision involves being able to see the field; the whole field, not just the primary cutters or the play in motion. Spaces are opening and closing, cutters are changing directions and speeds. A great handler takes all of this in, anticipating cutters' motions to hit a new space she's cutting into, or hitting her just as she plants and turns under for max yardage gain. Reads the body language of a poacher as he starts to step off his man, pump fakes to get him to bite and then hits his man on the break side. That weak-side handler or h-stack cutter sneaking down the far sideline can catch his defender sleeping when the handler sees it developing and puts up the throw. 

Besides reading the field in the moment, a great handler will anticipate changes on the field over the course of a game. Every defense gives up something, and having vision is knowing where the vulnerabilities lie and how to take advantage of them using those great throws. A great handler will also manipulate the defense, capitalizing on areas of weakness and forcing them to change, opening new opportunities to strike. Take a few deep shots early in the game in order to set up the easy, big yardage gain in-cuts later in the game when the defense starts backing. Throwing a few swings around the cup and entice the off-mark to slide over away from the middle into that lane and bite on a fake, then hit a popper through the cup. 

All of these scenarios involve solid decision-making based on calculated risks. A great handler knows when that big incredible throw is likely to pay off, and when it's better to rely on the consistent throws and basic offensive strategy. 

huddle Issue 21 Team USA On Specialities

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

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