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Schwa's D-Handler

by Chelsea Putnam

Great defensive handlers are typically people who are aggressive, able to see the field really well, and have a solid understanding of when it is appropriate to play transition offense. In my opinion, one of the most important parts of being a defensive handler is leading your team when you guys do get the D. This may be calling a play, running to the disc to transition, creating space for a teammate, or cutting to get the disc off the transition. I think one of the most brutal things to have happen to your team is to turn the disc over and have the other team score within 2-3 passes. Therefore, if you are a defensive handler your goal should be to move the disc away from the defense immediately and start marching up the field. 

One player who is an amazing example of a defensive handler, who I have been lucky enough to be teammates with, is Andrea "Chowda" Jung. She is and incredible defender and because she is such a threat as a thrower she runs our offense right off of the turnover. By Chowda getting the offense going quickly, the other team can't get the right match ups quickly, and we have the opportunity for an easy score. 

huddle Issue 21 Team USA On Specialities

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

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