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Team Glory

by Ted Munter

Ah the layout block, the play that got you started, the one you still dream about, the slam dunk of our game. Or maybe the three-pointer. 

On a bad throw everyone can get what looks like a good block. That's why you play summer league. But when teams are executing well, coming up with a piece is tough. Don't over-commit to laying out or you will end up getting burned on jukes and lying on the ground as the person you are supposed to cover has a free throw. 

Which is to say that layout's, like all blocks, come from team defense. If everyone is always going for a layout block (like everyone heaving up three-pointers) each player might look good once and a while, but mostly you will have a bunch of teammates playing as individual, not applying pressure as a team. 

So don't just count on your best players to get blocks for you. Your top defenders have to cover top O players and O has the advantage. Great defenders play well within a team concept—forcing deep, forcing out, whatever—and set up their layout blocks within that concept. They know that most offensive players have a few pet moves. If you can identify them, you have a better chance of getting a block. But players today are too athletic to bait. Let your team bring pressure; you make the play when it comes your way. Unless it's summer league, your block should be the play everyone celebrates because they all helped make it happen—even if you get the glory. 

huddle Issue 19 The Layout Block

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

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