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May The Best Man Win

by Tully Beatty

I have an image, indelible perhaps, of UCSC's Jeff Hagar and ECU's Nat Taylor standing before each other after their battle at College Nationals in 1993 [not sure but this game may have decided semis]. Each was covered in grass stains, dirt, sweat, and knowing Hager probably some blood and a new scar. Standing their considering the other, you couldn't tell who won, except the Slugs had more points. 

For the many of us who have played at the top level, and for the many that will one day get there, we know that playing through a Section and a Region and later a National is not unlike getting through each round of a fortnight of tennis. The deeper you go, the better the competition; and of course this progression can bring out the best and worst in teams and individuals. 

Isolating one-on-one match-ups: you hope that it brings out the best. In my experience, regarding the individual match-ups, the best in someone has usually triumphed. Inside of the chess game that is the two teams going head to head for one hundred and twenty minutes, there are 7 one-on-one match-ups taking place and with one of those, you're getting down to the bare elements of what makes this sport so special. Of course, you'll experience match-up problems [check out my Sub-calling article], and you can't expect one guy to continue to tip his hat and take 70 if he continues to get beat; but more often than not the defender's assignment is the correct one and when he's standing on the line regarding his match-up 70 yards away, he's in his head: may the best man win.

huddle Issue 17 Using Defensive Matchups

Tuesday, April 27th, 2009
May The Best Man Win
by Tully Beatty

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