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To Rotate Or Not To Rotate?

by Lindsey Hack

To rotate or not to rotate? That is the question. Well, that depends on what type of game we are talking about. If we are talking about semis at Nationals, and I have a great downfield defender and the other team has a great downfield offensive player, then my defender is going to be on that offensive player for as long as they are effective. If this is pool play at Nationals, than I feel like it is somewhat necessary to share the load for fear that you may wear out your best defensive player during Day One. 

If a team scores twice pretty effortlessly, I am inclined to call a defensive strategy switch. There are times when I may let it go to the third point depending on circumstances. 

Superstar matchups depend on a few things:
  1. Does the superstar defender get lots of Ds on down-fielders who do not touch the disc as much as your token handler?
  2. Does the superstar defender get lots of Ds on dump throws/cuts?
  3. Does the superstar defender get hand blocks/have a great mark?
  4. Does the superstar defender simply cloak his/her offender and never gets any Ds but yet you wonder what happened to the other team's best player?

I have met players in my life who simply like to get Ds and are very, very good at it. Those types of players are effective at positioning their bodies on in-cuts to get that picturesque layout D. Therefore, I think it is wise to keep this superstar defender on a downfield offensive player who does not touch the disc as much but when they go to cut for the disc that defender is 100% ready to play their part. 

I have also met players who get few Ds but pressure the other teams' best handlers into making poor decisions or simply disappearing. They occasionally get the layout D on the handler dump, but in general their defensive blocks are not visible to common spectator's eyes.  

huddle Issue 17 Using Defensive Matchups

Tuesday, April 27th, 2009

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