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Build From Versatile, Athletic Players

by Lindsey Hack

Not everyone can be great at everything and some become very good at a few things. There are times where we have a few players who are very, very good at a particular position - whether defensive or offensive. For example, I have been on teams where we have a few players who sole purpose in life is to give the handlers on the other team h***. That is their job, and is why they are on the team. Now, I do not think these players should not be allowed to work on their offensive game or guarding downfield players. But, when it is go time, those players should be excited that they have a special gift to give to their team. The role player is important because it allows players to focus, when it matters, on individual tasks. 

Should teams look for new players that fit certain roles? Personally, I think it depends on the player. I have met and/or played with a few special players who can be more versatile and should never be limited to a constrained role. Usually those players are the "no-brainers" to make the team. After a team has solidified those recruits, then I think it is necessary to find players that can fill certain roles well that currently are unfullfilled on the team. 

The physical defensive player and the athletic receiver are roles that I see becoming more important in the next 5 years at the top levels of the game. 

In a way, I see very skilled throwers becoming less of an emphasis as the game grows. The crowd appears to be more enthralled by fantastic layout grabs and skies rather than pretty, perfect, no drama throws. That does not mean I necessarily agree with it, but I think we are in for more turnover ultimate than ever before in the next four years. 

I absolutely think there is hope for the all-around player. But, instead of being 1 in 10 like the last twenty years, it may be more like 1 in 50 or 1 in 100 in the next five to twenty years.

huddle Issue 15 Roles Players

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

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