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Roles From Necessity

by Kirk Savage

This is an interesting topic as the need for specialized roles has been born more out of necessity than out of desire in Vancouver. 

Historically, the top players on Furious have been the players who excel at multiple aspects of the game. These players have been able to fulfill multiple roles, and truly have a very strong all-around game. Ultimate's fast pace of play combined with multiple turnovers and unforeseen situations, calls for players on the field to be able to adapt and excel regardless of the circumstances. 

However, it is impossible to field a team of 7 "Al-Bobs"* every O or D line. Over the years, as the top players on Furious have retired, our team has been forced to move to specialized positions in order to continue to compete with the other top teams. This is a short term and problematic fix. I am sure that other teams have faced a situation where a player who is tall and who plays good defense is inserted into the lineup as a starting line defensive lane cutter—even if they are a poor thrower. We try to hide their weaknesses by surrounding them with more all-around players who can shoulder the offensive load on a turnover. 

The same holds true on the other side of the disc. Teams are forced to play offensive players who are talented throwers—at the expense of athleticism and defensive ability. However, unless more high-level games go the route of the 2002 Semis with DoG and Furious (5 turnovers combined)—teams that rely on highly specialized personnel will eventually be exposed and struggle to compete for the UPA Championship. 

In short, it is very important to work to become an all-around player. If you are relying on one part of your game to make a team, or to be on a starting lineup, or to win championships then you are not giving yourself the best chance for success. It is too easy for one part of your game to escape you on the big day, and you may need to rely on some of your other skills to get the job done. 

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