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From The 2000 UPA Finals

by Tully Beatty

2000 Open Finals: Condors vs Furious George. It's four even. Mike Grant [of FG] is defended by Corey Sanford. Mike runs a sort of S-cut in the end zone. Jeff Cruicshank with the disc. He seems to look break mark for a righty backhand, then he pivots big for his lefty inside out backhand, throws a quick, strong fake, and then he throws the inside out backhand to Grant. The throw is right in the sweet spot, safely away from Corey's extended hand. The two pump fakes are a lesson in economy, followed by the big pivot. 

I pivot. That's my favorite move. Pivot to the point where most players would pull a hamstring or fall over. In some of these clinics I've been running for area college teams, I'm puzzled by the lack of extended pivoting. How far can you step out there or how fast can you step through the mark? If I'm forced backhand (I'm a southpaw remember), I step as far as I can; rarely do I throw the step-back forehand. If the force is forehand, it's very much the same. I pivot and deliver the inside-out usually at a 45 degree angle. If the throw is meant to be shorter, the effort is to step through the mark and deliver the backhand. This action leads to the second question here. The most important thing in teaching young players to break the mark is this: Your ambition to break the mark is what usually causes the foul. 

You're more than likely better off having two or three who are fundamentally sound, can hit a variety of throws, under different degrees of pressure, while the rest do what they're supposed to do and play their role.

huddle Issue 14 Breaking The Mark

Tuesday, March 9th, 2009

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From The 2000 UPA Finals
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