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An Easier Way

by Chris Talarico

Sometimes the easiest way to break the mark is just to let someone else do it. I mean, break throws are hard. Do I really want to go to the trouble of pivoting all over the place, faking out the mark, getting off a potentially risky throw... and then perhaps get hacked by the mark for my efforts? Forget it. I just don't need that kind of hassle. 

Not everyone can break the mark at will, and even for those who have great break throws, it can still be a somewhat risky pass at times. Hopefully, some of the other authors have provided some good tips on actually getting off break throws... here's an easy way to get the disc to the break side that doesn't require a skilled thrower: 

This simple play can be applied anywhere on the field, but is particularly useful to punch it in when you're near the goalline.

  • Set a stack with 5 cutters, leaving just the person with the disc and one dump in the backfield.
  • Position the dump relatively close to the thrower on the open side (within 6-8 yards), and a couple yards behind.
  • The dump should start his cut going upfield. His defender needs to respect this upfield cut, and as soon as he commits to it (that is, when he turns his hips to run upfield), the dump needs to plant, and head back toward the thrower.
  • This cut should take him not directly at the thrower, but a just a couple yards behind him.
  • Now all the thrower needs to do is put up a little dump pass, either straight back or slightly to the break side as the dump cuts across the field from the open side toward the break side.
  • The dump should receive the pass more or less directly behind the thrower, and allow his momentum to take him just past the thrower and his mark on the break side.
  • And since the dump's defender is trailing behind him, he should have an unmarked throw to space anywhere on the break side. He likely won't have enough separation to stop, set himself and throw, but it should still be an easy backhand on the run because it just needs to go out to space to let a cutter run onto it.


huddle Issue 14 Breaking The Mark

Tuesday, March 9th, 2009

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An Easier Way
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