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Every Fake Make Be A Viable Throw

by Chelsea Putnam

The best piece of advice I ever received about breaking the mark is that every fake must be a viable throw. You need to create space in order to break the mark; strong fakes are going to make that happen. Many defenders choose to watch only the disc when they are marking (don't do that, defenders!) and therefore they are reacting to your fakes. By making realistic fakes, with the disc and your upper body movement, you will get your defender to shift their weight and be off-balance for a moment. That will create the space you need to break your mark. 

This means not having two hands on the disc, which for newer players can be uncomfortable. You cannot throw the disc with two hands, so you should not be faking with two hands. 

It also means faking at different levels. If you like to throw low, then you need to throw some high fakes to move the defenders hands up. 

In addition, it means learning to throw multiple fakes on one side, either the forehand or backhand. It takes too much time when you simply pivot back and forth, and there is nothing wrong with throwing more than one fake on a side. 

The bottom line is that your movements with the disc in your hand should have a purpose and be realistic. This will force your defender to be off-balance and will create the space you need to break the mark.

huddle Issue 14 Breaking The Mark

Tuesday, March 9th, 2009

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