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Decisiveness Leads To Glory

by Ryan Winkelmann

Goal line cutting starts with decisiveness and ends in glory—either for your or your teammates. 

When your team moves into its red zone offense, begin by moving quickly into position. Your speed getting into position will determine whether they are going to stay with you or leave you and poach the lane. When you sprint to your attack point, your defender will instinctively feel like you are a threat and attempt to stay with you. If you jog into position, a good defender will take this opportunity to evaluate the field and put himself or herself in a position to make a play. 

After reaching your attack point, take a jab step, give a head fake, do something unpredictable to keep your defender's attention while you evaluate the field and decide the best plan of attack. Make a decision, and execute it. 

By making your cut hard, you are clearing space for your teammates and attracting the attention of not only your defender, but likely other defenders around you, making it easier for the rest of the offense to get open. If you get looked off, clear hard back into the stack to again create space for your teammates. If your defender stays in the lane, take advantage and either go to the break side of the field or attack the middle of the field and get the disc in a powerful position.

huddle Issue 12 Endzone Offense

Tuesday, December 1st, 2008

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Decisiveness Leads To Glory
by Ryan Winkelmann




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