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Five Easy Steps

by Dusty Becker

1st: Narrow the gap between you and your defender and engage him. If you get him on his heels then you can cut where ever you please. 

2nd: Clear Out! It is much easier to cut from the side positions in the horizontal, as long as the middle is vacated. Make room for your teammates to get open. 

3rd: Become a side cutter. Observe the field see who is going to get the disc, get your self out of the way and be aware of where your defender is. A good opportunity to begin a second cut is when your defender tries to poach. 

4th: Become a middle cutter again. Do this by sprinting directly horizontal; ideally you are running directly at your defender. This will put your defender on his heels more so than from the middle of the horizontal. 

5th: Just look down and run!!! When you cut run!!! Run !!! Don't think about the "correct way to cut." The correct way to cut is different in every situation, let your feel guide you, no mind is required. 

huddle Issue 11 Cutting From The Middle Of A Ho Stack

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

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