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Long Backhands

by Miranda Roth

I am going to focus on a long backhand because that is my best long throw, but I think that a lot of the principles hold for long forehands and pulls as well. 

I'm all about maximizing torque when throwing—using rotation to generate power flowing into your throw. On a long backhand the first point is to step out so that when you twist your body you're not killing your defender with a giant elbow to the face (this is easier for tall players—shorter players should focus on a quick stepout). While stepping out, I also reach the disc out as far as I can to create the longest lever possible (thus creating the most force). The last major step is to rip it—use your abs to pull your arm across and really focus on opening your body all the way toward where you are throwing. Your left arm should be relaxed and end up above your right foot while your entire right arm should rip through to be above your left foot (obviously switch for lefties). 

Based on this, if you were going to pick something to train for distance throwing, I'd work on my core muscles. Also, you can always grip it harder to get more spin, particularly for keeping these long throws in inclement weather. 

huddle Issue 10 Throwing For Distance

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

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