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Find Your Chris Page

by Lou Burruss

You need Chris Page. Chris who? Remember back when Sockeye was good the first time? Back in the 90s and you watched those epic battles on NBC? Dreaming of how it was gonna be you? Sockeye-Double Happiness? Sockeye-Rhino? All those heart-breakers against DoG? Remember that shaggy headed blonde kid ripping it forehand, backhand, marked, didn't matter? That was Chris Page. 

When I hit the big time in 96, I had some power, but no control. None. Pager and I would go out to Red Square and rip for hours, throwing everything. Starting with regular forehands and backhands, but after a while, towering blades, spot-benders around the sculptures, huge inside-outs kissing off the buildings. I threw as hard as I could and he still had ten yards on me. And touch. 

Eventually, though, I got there. So the message to you is: go find someone who loves to throw and who is much better than you. Go throw with them until you are better than they are. 

huddle Issue 10 Throwing For Distance

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

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