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Trial & Evaluation

by Jonathan Potts

If this is in the middle of an elimination game, and we're going to make an effective adjustment, it needs to be simple. It sounds like the defence is playing particularly tight around the disc, and putting enough pressure downfield to force us to take bad looks. If this is the case, these are probably the things I would try early on: 

  • Look for the reset earlier in the count.
  • Run give-and-go's more often.
  • Pull any handler off the field that's particularly struggling, or move them downfield to a cutter position.
  • Put a quick/dependable defensive handler onto the O-team.
  • Give a big green light to our best hucker and tell the receivers to give them options.


At half-time, I would evaluate which of these strategies is working and go into more depth with the team about how exactly we're going to modify our gameplan to execute these successful options.

huddle Issue 5 Dump Adjustments

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

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