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A Prescribed Rotation

by Greg Husak

In this situation, it seems that it would be best to prescribe some movement, team-wide, which will give the thrower some better options than "turn to the dump." Expressing some coordinated movement where all players (or at least those around the disc) have certain responsibilities will help clear up confusion and provide purpose to people's movement. 

On a previous team I played for, we had very specific dump rotations, and we ran a specific rotation for the first half and then switched that movement at halftime. The movement typically involved at least 2 people around the disc and was designed to give the thrower two complementary, simple looks. 

In the example, the upfield movement is good so you have to be careful of doing something which may interrupt that movement. To this end, it may be more beneficial to encourage the reset receivers to really focus on getting setup earlier. If the thrower feels the dump presence waiting, he will be more inclined to turn earlier, and give the receiver more time to work. Too frequently an incompleted dump pass is put on the thrower, but there are many things the receiver can do to make the thrower more comfortable: give more space to throw to, or position the defender in a bad place. Sometimes this is as simple as having dump cutters focus on getting into position earlier. 

I think these adjustments would be especially valuable for a begining team. A more experienced team would have a more organic process where the thrower and cutter are in tune with one another and have more freedom to ad-lib good movement. Specific rotations and direct instructions ("Get set up earlier," or, "Give the thrower more space") will help get an inexperienced team on the same page quicker. 

huddle Issue 5 Dump Adjustments

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

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