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Calculate Quickly Based On The Throw

by Ron Kubalanza

When I hear the "up" call I try to spot the disc, briefly and without giving up any more ground. 

I need to ascertain if it has truly gone up, and if it is intended for the player I am now chasing. If both of these things are true, then I try to make some quick calculations based on what type of throw has been made.

  • If it is low or short, I can simply go to it and have position underneath.
  • If it is high, I need to catch up and try to establish a good position to jump at it. Ideally, it is a position where the player I am defending can't get a running leap at the disc, or a position where the player I am defending has to foul me to make a play.
  • If the throw is long, I have to assess if I can make up the ground, to establish the position I just described, or try and sell my angle as to draw the player I am defending off his line, or now to defend me. (This could also be a strategy for high throws).

Also, as I am running through this situation I am aware, or try to be, of where any help could be coming from. Likely: nowhere, since we were in the back of the stack. However, if my player's in cut was "in" enough, I will have some support deep. 

I think you have a better chance to make the play or have them miss it if they are less athletic. If they are more athletic, I would probably force more under and try to block the away cut. I don't think the force matters too much, except where you might look as the "up" call happens as it will limit the some throwers options. 


huddle Issue 4 The Up Call

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

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