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Get In Front

by Kirk Savage

Even though the answer to this question is pretty straightforward—a surprising number of club players make errors on this play. 

First of all, if I am only a stride or two behind my check when a huck goes up then I am feeling pretty good about my positioning. Only a perfectly thrown disc will not allow me to have a play on it. Secondly—and this is where many players make an error—I always make the inside play on the disc. No matter your height or the height of your opponent, it is always more difficult for someone to jump over you to make a catch. On occasion, when I am boxed out and lose the battle for position, I am invariably caught getting a close up view of a sweaty butt in my face as my check catches the disc uncontested. 

At the elite levels, positioning is everything. Get in front. You may need to push and battle for this positioning. If your opponent is way taller than you and the disc is too high for you to touch, jump early and try to get them to go up early too. If your opponent is only an inch or two taller than you (or shorter) then go for the disc at your max. If you are in front and have position, your jump should be plenty to make the play. 

Whatever you do...don't "snuggle" in behind. That is just bad ultimate.

huddle Issue 4 The Up Call

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

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