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by Matt Dufort

A player like this, who clearly has multiple offensive weapons, presents a serious match up challenge. Individual defensive match ups are an odd thing, and it can be difficult to predict which defender would be most effective. Given the past experience of this player being most effective as a deep thrower, I would continue to push them away from the disc. I would try different defenders on them until finding a player who could be successful in keeping the player away from the disc, and in containing their deep game. 

As a second possibility, if my team had a strong zone defense, and this player was the opposing offense's primary weapon, I would consider playing a "box-and-one" zone. Match up someone individually on the skilled deep thrower, and play zone with the other six defenders. This makes it difficult for that one player to get the disc, and limits his/her throwing options after receiving the disc. 

Above all, a defense's best weapon is to be unpredictable. Throwing different looks at this player, and at the opposing team's offense in general, forces them to constantly adjust, and to do things differently than they're accustomed to. This often leads to small mistakes or miscues that the defense can capitalize on. 

huddle Issue 3 Defending A Hucker

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

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