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Question Your First-Half Performance

by Chris Ashbrook

I like to look at the bigger picture before making adjustments for just one player. (This is assuming you have used the same strategy in previous meetings and have been successful). 

1. The third goal was scored in the normal flow of the O (whether Man or Zone).
2. Two goals were scored while the D was in a straight man D, ie no zone transition.
3. The game is not determined by the wind, ie a windy upwind/downwind game.

1. How has the D squad performed in the first half? 

A. Did the D squad generate turnovers during the first half at a higher rate than if the O player was handling, but the D squad did not convert those turnovers into goals? If the D is generating turnovers, pull play excepted, then this probably indicates that the D is playing well and you may only want to make small tweaks to the D and not worry so much about that one player. A small tweak could be to insert a strong O player (one who is very good on D) onto the D line in certain situations to improve the D team scoring efficiency. 

B. Did the O squad not turn the disc over at all? If this is the case, then it might be time to adjust your overall strategy. This could involve playing a zone, a zone transition, or a different type of man D based upon the conditions. 

2. What type of hucks did the player catch, including the pull play huck. 

A. Were they hucks off of a break mark? This indicates a breakdown in team defensive strategy or in executing the team defensive strategy. 

B. Were the hucks made by players you want to make hucks? That is, was the player who hucked it a weak thrower, but just happened to make a great throw? (It happens). This should not necessarily indicate that the strategy for the one player needs to change. 

C. Was the defensive player in a position to make a play on each of the hucks, including the pull play? If he is playing good D and is in a position to make plays, unless you have a player who matches up better against that player, you would probably want to keep your best defensive matchup player against him. (Note that I did not indicate your best defensive player overall, as this might not necessarily generate the best results defensively). 

By answering these questions you can best identify if your current strategy is working and make adjustments as necessary as a team, and on an individual player level. Secondly, if you do make adjustments, I feel the adjustments must stay within the framework of your defensive strategy. 

huddle Issue 3 Defending A Hucker

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008
Question Your First-Half Performance
by Chris Ashbrook

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