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Here's the situation we presented to the panel: 

You are in an elimination game against a team you have played several times this year. They have a very skilled deep thrower that typically plays as a handler, rarely going downfield. This player has hurt your team in the past by throwing long goals, regardless of the type of mark you use. Your scouting report coming in is simple: push this player deep and keep them away from the disc. 

At halftime, this player has unusually already gone deep, successfully, 3 times. Once was on a called pull play. They have hucked for another goal, though not on a pull play. You are behind 8-6. What do you do in the second half? Should you continue to push this player away from the disc? What kind of defender, given your normal options (you can't just put World's Greatest Defender on them) should be used? 

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huddle Issue 3 Defending A Hucker

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

Question Your First-Half Performance
by Chris Ashbrook

Keep Your Opponent Guessing
by Gwen Ambler

The Answer May Be On The Field Already
by Tully Beatty

  Stay Resilient
by Lou Burruss

  Old School Vs. New School
by VY Chow

by Matt Dufort

  Alternating Matchups
by Jeff Eastham-Anderson

  Suggested Team & Individual Tactics
by Jeff Graham

  What Do They Want To Do?
by Dan Heijmen

Make Any Adjustment...Just Make It Now
by Ryan Morgan

Never Lose A Game Without...
by Miranda Roth

Cue The Comeback!
by Kirk Savage

Make The Offense Uncomfortable
by Nancy Sun

What To Concede & What To Take Away
by Chris Talarico

Defensive Goals
by Ben van Heuvelen

Containing A Big Thrower
by Mike Whitaker

Make It A Team Game
by Ben Wiggins



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